Saturday, May 22, 2010

A "SuRpRiSe" birth

The day started just like any other. I woke up, came downstairs, opened up all the blinds and looked out the kitchen window at our mini horses, Mocha and Ned, while I filled the coffee pot with water and waited for it to brew. I don't know why I always looked at the horses...maybe it was just part of my routine or maybe it was because they were in eyes sight or maybe just maybe it was because I was hoping Mocha was going to have a baby and I just had to take a "glance" each morning to see if there was another horse in the field. For the last few months we were always curious if Mocha was pregnant. Unfortunately there is no pregnancy test for horses (at least not to my knowledge) and we were not about to have a vet come out to do his testing and charge us a "pretty penny" for the result. So we just thought if she was, she was, and if she wasn't, she wasn't. Horses are pregnant for 11 months and 13 days so even if she was we would have no idea when she would give birth. So as I looked out the window that morning and saw no changes I continued with my day and started getting ready. At around 11am I went to pour myself another cup of coffee and did a double/triple take when I looked out the window. I saw this little wet, black thing trying ever so hard to stand up. I screamed "Oh my gosh, Mocha just had a BABY!" I don't know who was more excited; Ben, Ryker or myself because we all made a mad dash for outside to go see. I was in such a hurry I forgot the camera but Ben yelled back at me to grab it. I have never seen an animal after just giving birth and I must say it is amazing to see the "motherly instinct" animals have. The baby, only a few minutes old, was already trying to stand and make it's way to find milk...I couldn't believe she knew exactly where to go. And first time mom, Mocha, was busy cleaning her baby and when she started walking (very wobbly I must say) Mocha was quick to direct her to stay clear of the "hot" fence...if she got too close Mocha would nip at her to get away or get in front of her so she wouldn't touch it. It was really neat to see them with each other. I told Ryker he had to come up with the name and by the afternoon he had decided on Mable and I thought it was the perfect name for her...Mocha and Mable, how cute is that!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The BIG Debut

Well I have been a member to "blogger" now for over a year and I have always meant to get mine up and running it just somehow always got put on the back burner. However, I have finally decided to stop letting it "burn" and officially launch it. So, (drum roll please) with no further adieu here you have it, "our lives through our eyes" has forever joined the world of blogging. Let's see if I can do this. I must admit a big "selling" point was when I learned you can turn these things into books...SWEET! I love memory books and what makes a better book than ones own blog! So wish me luck. :)