Friday, December 17, 2010

LC Christmas Program

It was the LC elementary Christmas Program today. Each kid in grades K-4 wears a white cape with a red bow to represent the little angels they all are (and if you know my kid, he certainly is a little angel, lol). I remember back to my childhood days and we too wore the white cape and red bows...some traditions never die I guess. It is crazy to picture myself as a kindergartner. I had Mrs. Cook, who is still there today teaching and I can remember it honestly like it was yesterday. I remember there was this one time (maybe there were more, but I really remember this one time) getting in trouble and having to sit on "Lucy's Log" because Shannon Dykstra told me to color over a girls picture and I did. Yes, Shannon, I still remember that oh so well. :) I think of how I remember things from my elementary years and I can't help but think of Ryker and all that he will take with him this year and years to come.

Here is Ryker before leaving for school that morning, such a handsome little guy.

Surprisingly, he spotted me way up in the upper bleachers and put his hands out for me. He also blew me a kiss which was so sweet which you can see in the picture above.

Friday, December 10, 2010

3D ultrasound of Baby # 2...

Today we went and had a 3D ultrasound of our baby. I have always told myself if I had another baby I would get one of these as I think they are just amazing. Well, that day my baby was not being very cooperative (which makes me think I am having a BOY) so we didn't get many good shots of the face but it just means I get to go back another day and see him or her again...they let you come back to do them until you get the shot you are looking for which for most people is the face shot. I'm going back on January 7 and in the afternoon so that I can have lunch first so hopefully it is more active that day. Anyway, some of the pics we got are below. It is best to sit back and look at them and not try to analyze exactly what you see close up.
Here is a profile picture. If you put your hand over the right side of the image of stuff you can more clearly see the profile on the left. You can see the forehead, a closed eye, the nose and a chubby cheek...or at least it looks as though he or she may have some cheeks on him or her, that is what the ultrasound tech said too.

This is a picture of the baby's hand covering his or her face...already camera shy. ;)
And this is a profile body shot. You can see the arm bending down with the elbow resting on the knee. You can also see the shoulder and the belly. It's like it is in a "sitting" position.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's the most WoNdErFuL time of the year...

With December and winter comes many things to do...and we LOVE to do each and every one of them. On December 4 there was the Lighted Christmas Parade in Lynden. I think it was probably the coldest day we have had so far but we stood out there freezing and watched the whole thing. The only thing I could of wished for was **SNOW** to be falling on that COLD night...maybe next year I will get my wish. Ryker loved each truck and trailer that passed and his excitement made it worth the endless shivering I did standing there.

The next day (12.5.2010) my mom, Treva and Karsyn, Jodi and Madison, Kara and her 2 girls along with her mom and me and Ryker (poor only boy) all went up to Abbotsford to go to Disney on Ice. Unfortunately my camera would not take good pics in there so I have nothing to share except the one I got of Ryker waiting for it to start. I still wanted to "remember" the day and event though.
And tonight daddy, Ryker and mommy all made a gingerbread house. This is one of Ryker's most favorite things to do this time of year. He loves to decorate it with the candy; of course it usually goes, 1 candy for the house, 3 candy's for Ryker's mouth and okay I admit it, I steal a couple too. ;) Ryker is always SO proud of his house when we are all finished with it and always wants his picture taken by it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

Last month was just a CRAZY busy month. We moved and with that comes alot of work. There was also Thanksgiving and we couldn't forget about Ryker's 6th birthday. It seems like each day I was so busy with something and before I knew it we were into December. I spent alot of my time trying to get our new house to feel like a home. Things have been going pretty good but I have been starting to feel really overwhelmed so I decided to not even attempt to decorate this house (which if you know me you know this is just not me) until after most favorite time of the year and I just really want to focus on that and not stress about what pictures to hang where and what furniture goes here or there. I realized it just didn't matter...those things that stress me out make me look so silly, because really who cares, right? I did, however get to decorate for Christmas and although I would like to have been able to do so much more I am happy with what I have done. We went to Stoney Ridge to cut down our tree and that is always a fun time. Ben seems to think I should go an hour ahead of him to find the "perfect" one and then he will come and cut it down but his idea gets shot down and he partakes in my adventure. Ryker enjoys Christmas as much as his momma so we had a good time looking for that perfect shaped Christmas tree. In baby news all is well...I LOVE how active this baby is. I go to Seattle again next week just to make sure things are still going the way they have been. It is crazy to think I am now past the time I was when Ryker stopped growing. It is even crazier to think that if I make it to the 36/37 week mark that they want to deliver me at I only have 7 weeks left. I am filled with excitement and joy but at the same time get overwhelmed thinking about how much life is going to change. Don't get me wrong this baby is SO wanted and we can hardly wait for him or her to arrive but I just will get thinking about how different (and good) it will be to have a baby around again. I also get nervous for Ryker as I know it will be a HUGE adjustment for him. I just really want to be sure he doesn't feel left out or unloved because of a new little one in the home. For 6 years HE has been my baby and I don't want him to feel replaced. I get anxious when I think about it so I just need to remind myself that everything will be FINE...I have enough LOVE in my heart for a handful of kids. ;)

Here are some pics from Stoney Ridge and our tree all decorated.