Monday, February 28, 2011

Brotherly LOVE...

I am SO excited Ryker is finally a BIG brother. He would always ask "when can we have a baby" or "can we take so and so's baby home to live with us" and it broke my heart that having a baby just wasn't happening for us but it made me learn that our timing is not God's timing. HE planned January 23, 2011 would be the day that Ryker could officially say he was indeed a BIG brother...and what a good big brother he is!!!

He is always giving Slade kisses and "talking" to him in a funny little voice...I think he hears me talk "funny" so he does the same thing. He can't quite figure out the whole baby stage age though. He is constantly asking, "Is Slade still zero?" or "When will he get bigger?" and my all time favorite question is when he gets off the school bus, I always ask him how his day was and he now always ask me, "So what did you do today? What about Slade, did he walk or crawl yet?" He just wants him to "grow up" so bad so that he can have someone to play with (and fight with I am sure). Playing with mom and dad I guess is getting old to him. ;) I just explain that babies are little for quite some time but mommy thinks time goes way too fast so before he knows it Slade will be big enough to play with him. I know these 2 boys will have their share of fights along the way, but I hope they grow up to become the best of friends!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's A Boy!!!!

My baby BOY is here....5 weeks early but healthy, Praise the Lord! Slade Verlyn Stuit arrived on 1.23 at 11:41 am and weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. He was 19 inches long. Here is a bit of how his even earlier arrival came about...On Friday (1.21), my blood pressure went back up even though I was staying completely off me feet and taking it easy just as the Dr. had ordered. I called Dr. Cook and he upped my meds to see if that would do anything. On Saturday morning, Dr. Cook called me to check in and see if the increased meds helped my blood pressure and I told him it did but I also noticed that I was not feeling the baby move as much anymore since I increased the meds. He obviously didn't like what he heard and wanted me to go to the hospital for a stress test as soon as I could. Ben and I went to the hospital and the baby was fine although they were not seeing the heart accelerations that they wanted to see so I had to go down to ultrasound to "double check" that all was fine. Dr. Cook came to tell me that all was fine with the baby and my ultrasound looked good although he said it looked like my placenta was "done working", the hypertension had got to it and my baby would probably not grow much more. Then he said the words..."So, how does tomorrow morning sound for having your baby?" I suddenly had a mixture of emotions overcome me. I was nervous, anxious, scared, name it, I was feeling it! We had to be to labor and delivery at 7:30 Sunday morning (1.23). My mom and dad, sisters, brother and his wife, as well as Ben's parents came to the hospital to sit in the waiting room and wait for the big news. My friends, Lesha, Amy, Kara, Jamie and Mel were also there waiting. Ryker went with Ben's sisters as he would get bored just sitting there waiting (they later brought him to the hospital). After getting checked in and all prepped for sugury we sat there in our room and waited for them to wheel me back to the OR. I was so nervous and scared. I was so in and out of it when I had my c-section with Ryker and I truly didn't think I would even live through it as it was a "life threatening" ordeal, so now to be having a c-section again, even though the circumstances were a bit different, I was just so freaked out...but all was fine and at 11:41am I heard the crys of a new baby and I heard Ben say the words, "It's a BOY" and I was immediately filled with LOVE for my new baby!

The waiting room was full of family and friends waiting to hear the news of "It's a BOY" or "It's a GIRL" I was so glad each of them were there that day!

My first look at my baby. Tears were flowing...I had waited for this day (of having another baby) for SO long and I was overjoyed and filled with LOVE for my new little man.

Ben giving a "glance" to all our family and friends in the waiting room and saying "It's a BOY"

Telling Ryker about his new baby brother.

Walking back to go meet Slade.

Brothers bonding...Ryker holding Slade for the first time!

We got another thumb sucker! Slade found his thumb soon after he was born.

I just love this looks like Slade is ready to say a little prayer with his hands folded.