Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Sports ~ SOCCER!!!

So Ryker decided he wanted to give soccer a try so I signed him up. It's a hit and miss as to whether or not he likes it. Some days he does and others he doesn't so much. He likes to goof off a lot (I know hard to imagine). I just try to not force him to do anything he doesn't want to do. I figure as he gets older he will make his choice as to what he wants to play. I don't expect him to play all sports, and maybe he won't play any for that matter. But HE should be the one to decide. I think sometimes parents want their kids to play sports more than the child even wants too and I don't agree with that at all. Every kid is different and they are not all going to want to be involved in sports. Just because mom or dad were good at sports and played them when they were younger does not necessarily mean their child is going to want to follow in their footprints. Let the kids make their own "prints" and decided what it is they love. Of course if Ryker plays I will be thrilled but that is HIS choice. I think sports sometimes overtake a child's life of being a kid and that is something I don't ever want my child to miss out on. Your only young once and they won't ever get these days back.

Flash Back: Labor Day Weekend

We went on one last camping trip before we called it quits and put our trailer away until next summer. Thankfully the weather was nice around here so we went down to the river with Kevin and Kara, Jodi and Jason, Treva and Kelby, Kirk and Shelby and Bill and Lori. We always have so much fun every time we go to the river. The kids love it and just ride their bikes and four wheelers around. It's a nice and relaxing place to go and needless to say it was the perfect end to the summer.

Flash Back: 1st Day of Kindergarten

Ryker is now in Kindergarten, his first day was September 1. I still can't believe this time has come. It really seems like I just had him and now here we are sending him to school. He is going to Lynden Christian. It was really hard for Ben and I to decide where to send him but since we live in Custer right now, Custer Elementary was not an option. We went back and forth between Lynden and LC assuming that I would be able to even get him into Lynden since we are not in the district but we finally decided that LC was the right choice for us and for him...and I'm glad he is going there. In our favor we only have him right now and by the time the baby goes to Kindergarten, Ryker will be in 6th grade (eek, I hate to even think of that) but it means that we only have 1 tuition to pay for until then so that was a huge deciding factor.

He was very excited to go to school. He had a huge smile getting ready that first school morning day. He couldn't wait to put on his backpack and take his lunch box. He was so proud of that darn lunchbox. I had bought him a Cars one because that is what he said he wanted but then one day we were at Walmart and he spotted this blue one with 2 little dogs on it (he is such an animal lover) and he kept saying that they looked just like Charlie and Lucy (our dogs) which they kinda do. He insisted on having it. I even tried to talk him out of it because I thought it was kinda "girly" but when I told him that he just gave me one of his classic looks and said "mom, it is not for girls it is blue" so of course I gave in and got it for him. He was also excited to take the bus home. I decided he would not take the bus to school as it comes an hour before school even starts so I bring me another hour in my day to have him with me. ;)

I knew that when I brought him that first morning it would be hard but I thought I would "lose it" in the car after I dropped him off but that was not the case. As soon as I got done snapping my "proud mommy" photos I opened the door to the school for him to enter and I completely lost it. I was SO not ready to let go and leave him with "strangers" for a whole day, not to mention to have to do that 3 days a week.I just couldn't stop the tears from flowing. Other moms and his teacher comforted me but reality hit me and it hit me hard. I think when the baby comes it will be better because I will have another child to care for during the day. It is not always ideal to come home to an empty fact I HATE it. I have always pictured my life with a crazy amount of kids and a house that is NEVER quiet, but I guess God had a different plan for me. I am just happy to be having another one to add to our family and we can't wait for that day to come. Ryker has already asked if he could take the baby to school for show and tell...he is so excited to become a big brother. I am so proud of my little baby now being a big kindergartner...I just still can't believe it. I will savor my days with him being home since he is only going 3 days a week because I know next year I will have no choice but to send him everyday Monday through Friday.