Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Looking Like Baby Will Be Here Soon...

I am reminded of how quickly things can change for me when being pregnant. On Tuesday, January 4, I went to Dr. Cook for my weekly appointment and everything was PERFECT. My blood pressure was totally normal. On Wednesday night when I took it (I have to take it at home because I got preeclampsia with Ryker and I just really have to watch it this time around) it was TERRIBLE! I immediately began crying and thought this can not be happening again. I was thankful I was further along this time than I was with Ryker but I still was not ready for this baby to come. My scheduled c-section was to be on January 28 which is already early so for this to be going on on January 5 was not good. I called Dr. Cook who told me to lay down, take my meds and if the bottom number did not come down to below 100 then to go into labor and delivery. If it did come down, I could go to bed and he would see me in the morning. Thankfully, it came down so I was able to stay home for the night. On Thursday I went to see him at the hospital because he had a patient in labor and he had warned me that I would more than likely need to stay for 24 hour observation. I am so glad he watches me like a hawk. Having pregnancy induced hypertension is not fun and is very stressful and I was really hoping to avoid it this time around but I guess I am not that lucky. In the hospital it would go up and down and they would adjust my medicine to try and keep it down. I was hooked up to a heart monitor for the baby which was reassuring to hear the heart beat all the time so I knew everything was okay with my baby. I was released Friday night and told to stay off my feet as much as possible...which if you know me this is hard for me to do but I am doing it for the sake of my baby! I have to go back to the hospital on Monday night for a stress test and then back to Dr. Cook on Tuesday. We will decide then what to do. He said on Friday before I left that hospital that he thinks I can make it another week or 2 so we will see what happens. It looks like I am far enough along to deliver in Bellingham this time around so that is good and it looks like baby is a good size too so ready or is coming soon.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Stupid Dentist"

Not normally would I choose a title with "stupid" in it but this is what Ryker kept on saying after his appointment today. It was a not so fun experience and I actually felt really bad for him. I felt like he was not even my kid for the next 6 to 8 hours afterwards as he was very angry and acting like a completely different person. We were told this could happen when kids get oral sedation and then come out of it. He had to get a tooth pulled, a root canal and a filling all in the same day. They were hoping to put a "spacer" in for the tooth that was removed but that will have to be another appointment (which I am dreading already). Unfortunately, Ryker does not have the strongest teeth. We are told because he was a preemie he has very week enamel and we do our best to stay on top of brushing (I am quite anal when it comes to teeth) but somethings just can't be helped and I always say if poor teeth are the worst of what he has from being early then I'll take it. Anyway, he kept on mumbling through his gauze filled mouth "stupid dentist" and I could totally make out what he was saying. Thankfully, his dentist is not stupid and Ryker really does like it there (or at least he did). I hope this appointment didn't ruin him for future ones.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is the MONTH for baby # 2...

Well this is the year and the month I have been waiting for and it is here. Baby #2 should be making his or her debut on January 28. That is the nice thing about having c-sections, you get to set the date. That is still 3.5 weeks early but because of the way my "cut" was done with my c-section with Ryker (they did an up and down cut) they don't want me to go past 36 or 37 weeks. Dr. Cook will do an amnio on Wednesday, January 26 to see if the baby is okay to be taken out. I am really nervous for that amnio but I am told "not to worry" so that is what I am trying to do. So far things are still going good. I have to go to Dr. Cook every week and then I also have to go to the hospital for a "stress test" every 5 days. Although my blood pressure has been PERFECT this pregnancy there is some cause for concern with the placenta and blood vessels going to it so as they put it at the hospital, "Dr. Cook is really keeping an eagle eye on you" and I am perfectly fine with that...this baby is SO desired into our family and I have always said from the beginning I would do whatever I had to do to have another baby...even it meant bed rest or hanging upside down I would've done it. So these back and forth trips to Bellingham are nothing. I can't wait to see what I have...I'm getting really excited for this baby to come and I am SO happy I held out for the "SURPRISE" again of not knowing. I was so tempted a few times to just find out since I have had so many ultrasounds but I would've been SO mad at myself if I didn't wait until he or she was born and for the Dr. to announce "It's a BOY" or "It's a GIRL"...I think that may be one of the greatest things to wait for.