Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Behind....

So I am a little late on posting this entry but it is always better late than never, right? We recently just got back from Winthrop. We camped at Silverline Resort. Although it was not the best campground we still had a really good time. We were there from July 3 to 7 and it was fun to get away for a while. Ryker loves camping and I think would live in our trailer if I allowed him to. He loves everything about it. Riding bike, swimming, getting dirty, roasting mallows. Anything and everything that you do while camping he just LOVES! We took Ben's brothers boat with us and had a lot of fun with it. Ryker went tubing behind that boat...he first had to go on with Ben but when Ben suddenly fell off (on purpose of course) Ryker said, "this isn't so bad." Ben got some wake boarding in and all and all it was a great time away for a few days. I would love to share pics but unfortunately my camera has been stolen. I had it with me at the Food Pavilion when I was grocery shopping and I took it out of my purse and set it in the cart and forgot about it. I know it is my fault for leaving it there but I really wish people who found things were more kind hearted. Don't they know cameras hold family memories...ones that can't be replaced. I couldn't imagine finding someones camera and just keeping it for myself. They had to have seen the pics on it and known they were from a family vacation. I'm just so mad at myself for leaving it in the cart. I had pics of Ryker on the tube for the first time and pics of all the fish the kids caught. I'm hoping someone has a change of heart and returns it but I know that chance is slim. :( tear tear

On another note I did want to share some pictures from June 26 when we went to the Sumas Fireworks. Kelby and Treva had a BBQ at there house first and then we headed down to watch the show. Since we were in Sumas already, Ben decided to go get the boat at his parents that we were going to be taking with us to Winthrop. It actually worked out really well to have it because all the kids piled in it to watch the show.