Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loose Tooth

Ryker has 4 teeth loose right now and one of them was really loose, however, he would not let me pull it out. I told him to eat an apple and maybe that would make it come such luck. That night he went to Papa and Nana's for a while and they were having corn on the cob for dinner (Ryker's favorite) only he was upset that he couldn't eat it because of his loose tooth so he decided enough was enough and he pulled it out himself! He was pretty proud of himself and I think he looks adorable with the little "hole" in his smile now. That night he was very excited to put the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy to take and asked me what she does with all the teeth she collects from kids. I told her she lives in a tooth castle where everything inside and out is made from the teeth she collects. She takes them and polishes them all up and has the most beautiful shiny tooth castle. It was really all I could think of when I was put on the spot like that by him. I did tell him that kids get to keep the first tooth they lose though but they still get money for it. I didn't want to take it from him because he so badly wanted to show his dad who was working that night. The tooth fairy was a big spender in our house and left him $5 as that was all she had in her wallet. Lucky for me (or the tooth fairy I should say) Ryker doesn't even take note as to what number is on money...he was just so excited to have something from the fairy. Seeing his face light up in the morning when he looked under his pillow was worth much more than what I even left him.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Month of Summer Fun...

I can't believe the summer is coming to end and I can't believe the time has come for me to have to put my baby into is a bittersweet feeling as I am not ready to "let go" but know that I have least it's only 3 days a week this year. Next year is going to be really hard when I have to send him everyday! :( It really seems so cliche to say "it seems like yesterday that he was born" but it really does. I think time goes way faster when you have children then when you don't. I have been trying to soak up the last month of summer with him being around everyday with lots of fun things to do. Other than going to the park, here are some of the fun things we have been up to this last month of summer.

  • On August 7, our little family went to Red Robin for dinner and then we went to see Toy Story 3, a movie I highly recommend. It was such a fun family night out and Ryker LOVED the movie as much as I did.
  • On August 12 we went to the water slides with my mom, sisters and Kara and of course each of their kids. Ben was off that day so he came along too...he was the only "guy" amongst all us women but he didn't seem to mind. Ryker started off going down the "little" slides but soon he was going down the big ones and we couldn't get him off of them.
  • August 16 to 21 was FAIR WEEK and we went quite a few days. On Monday we went to the Demo Derby, a "favorite" thing for Ryker to watch. Every time we get home after this he plays "crash up cars" for the next couple weeks with all his cars and trucks. On Wednesday and Thursday I took him on rides the ENTIRE DAY. He loved all of them and was into the "BIG" carnival this year and rode all the ones that he was "allowed" to ride in there over and over, he wasn't tall enough for some of the ones he wanted to go on...maybe next year. His favorite was the YoYo (aka the swings). I couldn't believe he LOVED that one as it goes pretty high and the swings start to sway but he would get off of it and want to get right back on...just another thing that shows me he is growing up right before my eyes. We also went on Saturday to check out all the exhibits (he loved the lego one and studied them for well over an hour) and see if the pigs had their babies yet...we had to check on them all the time on the days that we were there earlier in the week. Ryker is such an animal lover and was so thrilled when he saw they did indeed give birth, each one to 14 piglets. That night we went to the motocross event and he thought it was great to see the bikes jump and flip and do tricks so far up in the air.

Here are some pics from our August fun. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Baby, A "Scare" & Much Needed Prayers...

Well if you have facebook then you probably already know that I am pregnant! I am 12 weeks and although I am SO nervous I am SO very excited! I really don't think I will be able to fully relax until I am holding this little baby in my arms. As many of you know, I have had many losses in the past so each time I get pregnant I hold my breath each week that passes. I go to the bathroom I swear over 100 times a day; not to pee but to make sure there is no blood on the toilet paper. It is not a fun way to live but with my history it is the only way I know. I really thought I was going to make it through my first trimester with no "spotting" episodes but that all changed on this past Tuesday when I went to the bathroom and saw the much dreaded spotting. I cried immediately and thought this can not be happening. What would I tell Ryker? He has been asking me daily, for the past year or so now, when God was going to take a baby out of the sky and put it in my tummy (this is his idea of what happens and then the best part is he thinks we spit them out). As I stared at the toilet paper with tears streaming down my face all I could think of was how would I explain this to him and why was this happening yet again to me. I quickly called my Dr. who told me to come in and he would do an ultrasound and we could see what was going on.

On the drive to Bellingham all I did was bite my nails and pray. I thought for sure I was losing this baby. As I laid back on the table, with Ben by my side and the Dr. getting ready to do the ultrasound I said a silent prayer and asked that God please let me have this baby that our little family so desperately wanted. As the cold gel was squirted on my tummy I held my breath as I looked at the screen. I could see my baby, kicking it's little legs like crazy and then we saw and heard the heartbeat and I exhaled and thanked God that everything was okay. I am still spotting and my Dr. thinks what is happening is that as my placenta is growing it popped some blood vessels within my body and usually the body will just absorb the blood from the popped vessels or sometimes it will find another way out...which is what is happening in my case. I pray that it stops soon but the Dr. thought it would probably last for a week or so and wanted me to take it easy. Although it is not alot of spotting it is still there and it still scares me each time I see it. I do alot of praying and hoping and ask that anyone reading this does the same for me and my baby.

I have told Ben and others that I just need to get through the next 16 weeks. I will then be 28 weeks and I can "picture" in my mind that size of baby as that is the size of what Ryker was when he was born. I had him at 30 weeks but he stopped growing they say at 28 weeks. Of course I hope and pray to make it past 28 weeks with this one, but once I get that far along I know that survival is possible as I see it everyday when I look at my 5 year old. Although pregnancy is hard for me I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know I am "lucky" to be a women who can get pregnant even if I do have the scares and losses that come with it. I take the good with the bad and just try my best to stay as calm as possible...alot easier said then done, but I am trying. Here is a pic of our much loved babe.