Monday, September 26, 2011

Slade...8 months

Slade is now 8 months old and I must say (in my opinion) he is the best baby ever (and he is pretty darn cute too). He smiles all the time, giggles constantly and eats and sleeps great. We feel so very BLESSED to have him in our lives. He is a very laid back and mellow kind of baby. If he feels like rolling over he will. If he feels like sitting he will. For the most part, he is very content just chilling on the floor playing with toys and watching our every move (or the fan on the ceiling). I LOVE this little guy to pieces. He is as crazy about us as we are about him and he is a HUGE fan of his big brother already! Every morning he looks for him first thing. And when he hears his voice from another room he immediately begins to kick his legs, flail his arms and get all excited to try to find him. I love watching them together...and Ryker is an AWESOME big brother! He pretty much eats anything I give him...not picky at all. Loves jelly sandwiches, applesauce and pudding. His new thing is copying us. He has this fascination with hats. As soon as Ben puts one on he gets so excited and tries so hard to get a hold of it. I love all the things he is doing now but I miss those newborn days...they go by way too fast! Here is a picture of our handsome little (big) guy!

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