Monday, October 3, 2011

Backdated: Some Things I Want to Remember Part 1...

September 8.

Ryker: "Mom, guess what, you know all those little houses down the road by all the berries, my bus stops there to pick up a little boy...he has kinda brownish, dark skin...what are those people called that have the brownish skin, are they frickin Canadians?" :)
So a lesson learned for me...I guess I better watch my mouth with my "frickin" talk and I better teach Ryker that not all Canadians are brown.

August 18.
If you know Ryker you know that he LoVeS anything camping, so today when he was playing at home with his camping toys I asked him why he had his silly putty hanging off of them...he looked at me as though I just asked the dumbest question and said "those are the pooper hose thingys" :) lol. I love his imagination!!!!

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  1. fricken canadians!! Guess it could have been worse.

    LOVE your blog makeover